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Online Certification Courses

CPR / AED Certification



Valid for 2 Years

+ CPR Certification (Adult/Child/Infant)

+ Compression Only CPR

+ AED (Automated External Defibrillator)

+ Conscious/Unconscious Choking

+ Recovery Position

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First Aid Certification



Valid for 2 Years

+ Basic First Aid Guidelines and Skills

+ Universal Precautions

+ Injury Prevention and Protection

+ Recovery Position

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CPR / AED First Aid Certification



Valid for 2 Years

+ All CPR Certification Material

+ All First Aid Training Material

+ AED (Automated External Defibrillator)

+ Universal Precautions

+ Recovery Position

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CPR / AED Pro Certification



Valid for 2 Years

+ All CPR Certification Material

+ Infant Encircling Technique

+ Breathing Bag Administration

+ Two Rescuer CPR

+ AED Traniing

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Why is CPR Professor the right choice for your health and safety training needs?

  • Training is 100% online self paced taught through easy to follow text, images and video demonstrations
  • Instant course access immediately following registration. Complete course and be certified today!
  • No Stress, No pressure. We want you to fully focus on the materials and techniques
  • No additional fee for any exam retake if needed.

Certification in 5 Easy Steps!

Get started in minutes and earn your certification today! Most participants complete training course in under 1 hour!

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Trusted & Reliable Safety Training

Experience that Counts. Over 10 Years in the Online Safety Training Industry!

Trusted & Dependable Safety Training courses created by board certified medical professionals & veteran safety training instructors. Our courses fit all needs from fortune 500 corporations to individual students. Certification is nationally recognized and valid for 2 years from date of course completion.

Most Current CPR / AED & First Aid Training Guidelines, Standards, & Procedures

Our Easy-to-follow courses are taught through a combination of text, images and videos. Save time and money over on-site CPR and first aid training providers. Online training allows students to avoid the anxiety of onsite exams and skills testing. All courses are comlpiant with latest ECC and AHA guidelines and standards.

We Keep You Updated: Email Update and Alerts when Guidelines Change

Training guidelines and procedures change every 5 years and sometimes sooner. If guidelines change, we will email you the updates. You have nothing to lose! All of our courses are covered under our no-risk 100% money-back guarantee. We are here to teach you lifesaving skills and techniques with NO HIDDEN FEES!

Ready to get started?

Out of this World Reviews.

  • “Thank you for having this resource available on-line. It is helpful and very educational for all of us that work very hard/long hours. ”

    - S. Braxton

  • “Simple to understand. Stress and anxiety free to complete. I am wondering why it took me so long to find this great online program.”

    - L. Arnold

  • “I never in a million years would have thought CPR and First Aid Certification could be enjoyable. Great videos and demonstrations. ”

    - A. Deaira

  • “I Just completed my CPR renewal on your site and am very pleased with the course quality. Keep up the good work. See you in 2 years.”

    - E. Kingsbury

  • “Informative training that kept my attention. It is great I can login down the road to refresh if needed.”

    - I. Pomer

  • “Excellent program that is easy to follow. I am not the most tech savy and had no issues at all. Thank You for saving my weekend!”

    - J. Montenegro

  • “Thank You! The CPR course has been a pleasure through CPR Professor. I really appreciate the quick replies to my questions. ”

    - M. Sass

  • “WOW! Awesome customer service and great content! That is rare these days. Thank you, and I will definitely refer.”

    - K. Mangino


What makes you different than other training sites?

CPR Professor has been in the online safety training industry for over 10 years. We have a reputation and stand by it. We are a leading affiliate partner of the American Safety Training Institute. Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal. There is a reason over 95% of our clients return to re-certify!

What if I do not pass the test?

Not a problem! The test can be taken as many times as needed to pass at no additional cost. All the test questions are multiple choice and true/false and are pulled directly from the course material. We want you to have a stress free training experience so you can focus on the training materials and proper CPR and first aid techniques.

Is your certification accepted by my employer?

CPR Professor follows the same ECC 2015 guidelines as the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross making our certification nationally recognized and accepted. Our program has been developed to meet and exceed the set requirements. All students are fully protected by CPR Professor’s money back guarantee!

What do Fortune 500 corporations, leading universities, fitness professionals, and day care centers have in common?

They all trust CPR Professor to provide quality online CPR, AED, safety, and first aid certification training courses. Nationally recognized as a premiere CPR certification and First Aid training provider, CPR Professor takes the stress and inconvenience out of attending onsite training classes that hold you back from mastering life-saving techniques.

Our programs follow currently-accepted national and international guidelines for CPR/AED and first aid techniques, including compression-only CPR standards. When you complete our industry-leading, innovative training courses, you'll receive a nationally recognized certification issued by the American Safety Training Institute valid for two full years.

A CPR Professor First Aid, Safety, CPR, or AED certification course provides you with the skills and knowledge you need to respond to a life-threatening situation with speed and confidence.

Quality CPR and First Aid Training Without Stress and Inconvenience

Training programs on our site are conducted completely online. No hands-on skills testing required! Sign up through our secure payment page, complete the training course at your own pace, and get certified today. No Risk, No Stress!

Most Up-to-Date Training Materials

New guidelines are released every five years. If a major update occurs before that time, we will notify students as quickly as possible. Our training programs follow the most recent training techniques and are consistently updated as needed

Educational and Easy to Follow

Courses are developed by Board Certified Medical Professionals and Safety Training Experts. While medical professionals often speak using language that is unfamiliar to the general population, we have certified safety training instructors construct the courses in a manner that is easy to understand, easy to follow along, and highly educational.

No Hidden Costs

Other safety training websites offer courses at reduced prices then add fees for certification materials, shipping, and additional classes. Our training material covers adult, child, and infant techniques at no additional cost. All prices include full training course, student support via email, an official certificate, and certification cards.

Online CPR Certification and Renewal

Our training is designed for first-time clients as well as those seeking certification renewal. Training is self-paced so those who are current with the latest guidelines and procedures can immediately take the certification exam if desired. (However, we strongly suggest reviewing the course material to make sure you are up-to-date on the latest training procedures as they are constantly updated and changing.)

100% Money-back Guarantee!

If your certification card from the American Safety Training Institute is not accepted we will issue a full refund. Please see terms of service for full details.

Nationally Recongnized and Accepted

Certifications issued through the American Safety Training Institute are nationally recognized around the world. All participants who successfully complete the training course receive an email certificate immediately following course completion and certification cards are mailed within 24 hours.