Group Rate Pricing

Does your company need CPR-trained employees? Would your neighborhood watch group like to provide life-saving aid for your neighbors? Are your members prepared to handle an emergency such as a choking victim or heart attack sufferer?

CPR Professor offers group rate discount pricing for all certification training courses. Group rate discounts are available for groups as small as five students. CPR Professor training is a great way to increase workplace safety and employee confidence. Emergencies often occur in the home or at work. Provide your employees, neighbors, or group members the skills needed to respond confidently and appropriately to emergency situation.

To find out how to register for a group discount contact a CPR Professor representative who will be more than happy to discuss our group training options with you. We work closely with each client to provide customized certification programs to meet your organizational or individual needs.

CPR Professor has transformed the safety training industry by offering online courses that are enjoyable, educational, and regarded as effective around the world. Our group safety programs follow the most recent nationally and internationally recognized and accepted guidelines for CPR, AED, and First Aid treatments, including compression-only CPR.

While you cannot predict when an emergency will occur, you can be prepared for one. A CPR certification course will give your group members the skills and knowledge they need to be prepared. Remember, it could be a customer, co-worker, vendor, neighbor, or your own life a CPR Professor-certified student might be saving!


Get a group quote today!

• Click the Contact Us button below and provide your organization name, number of expected students, and the course(s) requested.

• A CPR Professor training director will contact you with a group rate for your organization.

• Once all student names are received from your organization, our attentive staff will load each student into our system within 24 hours. Following that process, we will email you a list of activated login details.

Accidents Hurt - Safety Doesn't

Why CPR Professor is the right choice for your organization:

  • + Courses delivered online for member convenience
  • + No onsite coordination required
  • + Dedicated training director for your organization
  • + Group registrations processed within 24 hours of receipt
  • + Educational and easy-to-follow training materials
  • + Cost-effective pricing to match any budget