Top Things to Know about CPR and First Aid Certification

Today, gaining a CPR and First aid certification is considered as a highly valued safety training course or skill that enables someone to save a valuable life. The certification for CPR and First aid is a more comprehensive certification course that proves to be effective for the individuals who want to learn a life-saving skill and add a feather in the cap that will enhance their worth in both personal and professional level.

What do you understand by the term CPR?

CPR is the short term for Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, which is a technique that is used to save a person’s life in case of a sudden cardiac arrest. This is an emergency technique, which helps in keeping the air and blood circulating in a person’s body (after his or her heart has stopped).

Why is CPR training important?

In America, sudden cardiac arrest is considered as one of the leading causes of death. The death rate caused due to a sudden cardiac arrest can be controlled by applying the CPR technique at the right time on the victim. This will help in restoring the blood flow and breathing (of the victim) until the medical help arrives.

With a formal training, you will be able to identify the emergency situation and perform CPR on the victim in an effective way to save a valuable life.

First Aid Certification

What is First Aid Training?

First aid is a safety training, which can be performed (at the initial stage) on a victim having a serious injury to save his/her’s life. A first aid safety training course will help you learn the basic first aid and treat common injuries, minor to severe cuts or scrapes, broken bones, and other emergencies. Normally, a first aid is to stabilize an injury until the victim is attended by the professional medical personnel.

You can opt for an AED and first aid certification to efficiently use the AED( Automated External Defibrillator) and learn the right first aid techniques. Normally, after a CPR certified person or AED-first aid certified person can use the Automated External Defibrillator in a right way on the victim that will help in regaining the natural rhythm of the heartbeat.

Online First Aid Certification

Who needs a CPR-First Aid certification?

Along with the medical professionals, every individual can look forward to earning a CPR-First aid certification to be prepared always for handling an emergency situation at your home, public place, workplace or street. A certification of CPR and First Aid will help you gain the right skills and knowledge about the latest health standards to deliver a life-saving act. In last week London terrorist attack near U.K. parliament on Westminster Bridge, you can notice UK police performing CPR to save people badly hurt by car and Knife attack.

You can earn a valuable CPR and First aid certification by enrolling into an online course provided by CPR Professor. Having over 50 years of experience in health and safety training industry of America, CPR Professor offers unique and innovative online training and blended programs in CPR, AED and First Aid that are nationally recognized.

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