10 Common Myths About COVID-19 Busted

Currently the COVID-19 outbreak has been rapidly growing all around the world. Till today, the confirmed cases are 697,244, the confirmed deaths are 33,257 and the countries, areas or territories affected are 204. There are common myths about the pandemic Coronavirus. Here are some of them discussed below:

1. COVID-19 transmits in the areas with hot and humid climates.

As per the evidence observed so far, the virus can be transmitted around all areas including the hot and humid weather conditions. Regardless of the climate conditions, you should adopt protective measures if you live or travel to a COVID-19 affected areas.

To protect yourself against Coronavirus, wash your hands frequently and eliminate the virus that may be present on your hands. This way, you can avoid spreading infection that may happen by touching mouth, nose, and eyes.

2. An UV disinfection lamp can kill the virus.

It shouldn’t be used for hand sterilization or on the other areas of skin as ultra-violate radiation can result in skin irritation.

3. Spraying chlorine or alcohol over your body can kill the new Coronavirus.

No, spraying chlorine or alcohol over your body won’t kill viruses, already entered your body. Spraying it can do harm to clothes or mucous membranes i.e. eyes and mouth. You should remember that, chlorine and alcohol can help in disinfecting surfaces. They should be used under appropriate recommendations.

4. Hair dryers can kill the new Coronavirus.

Hand dryers can’t kill the COVID-19. For your prevention, frequently clean your hands with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water. Once it’s cleaned, use a paper towel or a warm air dryer to dry them.

5. Rinsing nose with saline can prevent Coronavirus infection.

There’s no evidence that rinsing nose with saline regularly can protect the people with new Coronavirus infection.

6. Thermal scanners can detect Coronavirus infected people.

Thermal scanner is useful in detecting people having a fever – the higher temperature than the normal body temperature, because of the infection due to new Coronavirus. But they can’t detect people who are not infected; but not yet sick with fever. It’s because between two and ten days before people who are infected become sick and have a fever.

7. Take a hot bath to prevent the new Coronavirus disease.

A hot bath won’t prevent you from getting the Coronavirus disease. Normal human body temperature remains around 36.5°C to 37°C; regardless of the temperature of your shower or bath.

But taking a hot bath with extremely hot water can do harm to your body and can burn you. The right way to protect yourself is by cleaning your hands frequently.

8. Eat garlic for prevention against the COVID-19.

Garlic is a healthy food with some antimicrobial properties. But it’s no evident that the current outbreak can be minimized by eating garlic.

9. Coronavirus affects only older people.

People of all ages can be infected by the COVID-19. Older people and people with medical conditions like diabetes, asthma, health disease are more vulnerable to be severely ill with the virus. The WHO recommends people of all ages to take preventive measures to protect themselves by following a good hand and respiratory hygiene.

10. Specific vaccines are available to prevent or treat the COVID-19.

To date, there is no such specific vaccine recommended to prevent or treat the COVID-19. People infected with this virus should get appropriate care to treat these symptoms and with severe illness, they should receive optimized supportive health care.

Final Consideration –

CPR Professor – your premier Online Safety Training Course provider pledges people all around the world to take care of health and protect others by following respiratory hygiene. Stay updated on the latest happenings regarding COVID-19. Maintain social distancing and stay safe!