What Refrains Many People From Taking CPR Training Certification?

You have witnessed it before, perhaps all of us: a mishap scene surrounded by spectators, and nobody of them looking to take action. This circumstance happens most of the time & you’ve to wonder why more and more people don’t get involved in mishaps. The fact is that a lot of them would wish to assist but they don’t have any clue where to begin. Well, the most apparent place to begin would be with a CPR certification but there’re various reasons for which people actually never want to earn this kind of certification. Mentioned below are two of the primary causes:

They’re too busy: There’re so many people who wish to help during an accident scene but getting the genuine certification does not look to be an achievable goal for them. Eight to 10-hour work days & active schedules outside of regular work makes it almost unfeasible for anybody to attend a CPR training program and in the end up with a lot lesser qualified persons. That being the scenario, people are simply frightened to be involved in an accident situation prescript that they require training to be efficient.

Class Unavailability: As unfortunate as it sounds, finding a reliable & available class can be a great difficulty. You might be living in an inaccessible location, incapable of attending classes, or you might discover that classes are simply inaccessible in your locality. While both of these are legal obstructions, they do produce a serious issue at the accident scene.

Misconception about being costly: Online CPR Training is not costly considering the level and quality of training and it’s not costly. It also comes with flexi payment options  which allows flexibility to opt for the   CPR Classes.


To sort out these above-mentioned issues it is essential to ensure that the classes are accessible to everybody, particularly those who reside in isolated regions. That being said, online CPR classes can assist quite a lot. Most importantly, with CPR classes online, everybody will be able to pay attention towards the instructions without any disturbance that usually happens in a classroom setting.  Furthermore, everybody will be able to study at their own convenience and pace. And this certainly offers more time for doubt clearance, appropriate instruction, and eventually a better comprehending of the prospectus.

Take a glance at our available Online CPR Training Options at CPR Professor and rest assured that you will find a training program that best meets your timetable or convenience. Online CPR Training isn’t as hard as it sounds and it will certainly make you eligible to save some precious life in future.

What Do You Mean By Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation?

Do you ever wonder ‘What is exactly cardiopulmonary resuscitation’? Anyway, it’s quite common question for those who’re not familiar with the techniques of CPR. The abbreviation of CPR is ‘Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation’ that is a term referring to the survival of a person through the heart and lungs. The basic technique used to perform CPR includes chest compression and retention of breathing process to keep the victim’s brain alive and also restore the normal heart rhythm.

In short and simple term, cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a direct response to sudden cardiac arrest that’s when a victim’s heart stops beating due to several reasons. However, heart failure seems as the main problem in this circumstance; but the act of CPR more concerns brain than the heart. While other organs of the body can survive a little while without heart beat, but the brain dies within seven minutes for not receiving oxygenated blood. Hence, death of brain can be one of the most catastrophic of organ failures because of losing brain functionality. That’s the main reason why rescuers or bystanders need to perform CPR in order to retain blood circulation process and flow of blood to the brain even after the brain function is stopped.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

What Does the Process of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Include?

The whole process of CPR includes chest compression phase that involves gently pushing the chest downward in a rapid way in order to continue the blood movement throughout the body of the victim and rescue the breaths by making sure the blood is being oxygenated. As soon as the brain is able to receive sufficient oxygenated blood supply, it will be ready to function without any injury. However, it’s quite obvious that CPR can’t perfect the heartbeat rate, that’s why survival rate of cardiac arrest victims depends on how quickly a normal heartbeat is restored usually with the help of AED or Automatic External Defibrillator.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Lecture

But remember one thing that cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a life saving process that everyone should be aware of how to perform the processes very well in case of cardiac emergency arises. Though for many people CPR is intimidating enough to imagine performing on a stranger. However, statistics explain that most of the time CPR is applied to save the life of loved one, friend or family.

Conclusion – If you’re interested in learning the basics and thorough details on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, then it’s highly recommended to enroll into CPR online certification courses. To become CPR certified, you should join CPR training online at CPR Professor and know how easy it can be to help save more likes.

Our online CPR certification programs strictly follow the latest national and international guidelines for CPR, AED and first aid techniques, including the compression-only standards. Upon completion of our innovative CPR training courses, you’ll receive a nationally recognized certificate issued by the American Safety Training Institute; which is valid for two full years. Rest assured that our first aid certification courses can offer you with necessary skills and knowledge you need to respond to the life threatening situation like sudden cardiac arrest with speed and confidence. Feel free to contact us today, if you have more queries on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

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Key Reasons Why You Should Take Online CPR Training

When you find someone having a cardiac arrest suddenly, keep in mind that their heart stops completely. As a result, they collapse, lose consciousness and stop breathing. It’s quite essential to act at a quick pace. After all, this is what you should do!

Taking CPR training can benefit a cardiac arrest patient instantly. In particular, CPR training is something everyone can greatly benefit from getting and encouraging more number of people to obtain it too. Let’s take a glimpse at a few of the key reasons why you should enroll into a CPR training online class.

Top Reasons to Take CPR Training Online

1. You Might Save Someone You Care – When you find someone collapsing suddenly and requiring CPR, you tend to see it happening to a stranger out in public. However, most cardiac arrests occur in the home- around 85%. That means if you ever find yourself in such situation, someone in need of CPR, it’s more likely to be your friend, or a loved one than a total stranger. Think about it and who won’t love the feeling of confidence that comes with knowing you can save your loved one’s life!

A 60 Second Lesson to Save a Life

2. You’ll Get to Know How to Perform CPR Properly – Most of us have a pretty good idea of how to perform CPR even just from watching your favorite characters doing it on TV. Hence, it’s a much better idea to seek out online CPR training to perform on a cardiac arrest patient immediately. After all, training classes can increase the chances of performing the procedure in a better way, which in turn maximizes the chances of survival of patients.

3. Receiving Training is Convenient, Easy and Affordable – If you’ve hesitated to get CPR training earlier because you think it’s expensive or needs a huge time commitment, you should know that nothing is further from the truth. Even online CPR courses covering additional skills are reasonable enough to fit into the modest budgets. The courses are not time consuming at all and all you need to do is to enjoy learning CPR online in the comfort of your home.

CPR Training Classes‬

What’s more you want, as you don’t even need to sign up for an in-person course at a brick and mortar setting now-a-days! You can receive CPR training and certification online when you take your course with an accredited organization like CPR Professor.

This Skill is Worth Your Time – Learning CPR is a basic skill. Now that you know CPR training can make such a major change in a person’s life, shouldn’t you take the time to learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation! When selecting a course, make sure you should enroll an online CPR training at CPR Professor. Our CPR classes are designed for ease of access without compromising content.

Hence, you should join in to CPR training online and discover its benefits on your own! Don’t forget to share your experiences and thoughts in the comment section below!