How Do Online CPR Certification Help Sudden Cardiac Arrest Victims?

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is a state in which the heart of a victim suddenly and unexpectedly stops beating. As a result of which, blood stops flowing to the brain and other essential organs. In addition to, if the heartbeat is not restored immediately, death follows within a few minutes. Sudden cardiac arrest accounts for more than 382,000 deaths in the United States every year. Therefore, CPR and AED use through a bystander are necessary to survival of SCA victims. Thus, getting online CPR certification training is crucial, not only for medical professionals, but for everyone.

Common Symptoms of SCA (Sudden Cardiac Arrest):

There are so many symptoms of sudden cardiac arrest, like:

  • Weakness

  • Dizziness

  • Unconsciousness

  • Chest Pain

  • Lack of breathing

  • Unresponsiveness

  • No pulse

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Victims

Survival from Sudden Cardiac Arrest:

Treating victims with sudden cardiac arrest is necessary. In this condition, the victim’s heart twitches in an irregular way, stopping flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body. Please keep in mind that, cardiac arrest is fatal unless medical intervention is provided immediately. However, each and every minute that passes between symptoms and intervention increases the chances of victim’s death by up to 10%.

However, to save a victim suffering from sudden cardiac arrest, you should following five steps:

1. Immediate identification and call 911.

2. Perform CPR with much focus on chest compression and continue the professional until medics arrive.

3. Quick defibrillation with AED to restore normal heartbeat within a few minutes of the symptoms.

4. Advanced life support administered by professionally trained medics.

5. Post cardiac arrest care administered in a hospital setting.

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Why Should You Get CPR Certification Online:

Cardiac arrest is quite common and it can happen to anyone at any point of time. Moreover, taking CPR certification allows you use Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation including chest compression that helps blood move from the heart to the brain and internal organs and also mouth-to-mouth ventilation to provide the victim with oxygen. If CPR is provided immediately and effectively by a bystander during the sudden cardiac arrest can double or triple the victim’s chance of survival. For this reason, CPR online certification course is extremely essential that can save the life of your near and dear ones.


CPR Professor is a premier source for CPR certification online in the United States. Choosing online CPR certification provided by CPR Professor helps participants the knowledge they will need to identify an emergency situation and the ultimate skills needed to respond with confidence.


Why do I need a CPR Certification?

Have you ever heard about a CPR training course? Do you know the importance of getting CPR certified? It is found that only between 3-5 percent of the entire population in the US is annually trained with a professional CPR technique. This helps the individuals with right CPR skills to respond promptly in a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) emergency situation.

CPR saves lives, for which getting certified in CPR, is highly recommended for every individual. Are you still thinking, why should you take your time out attend the CPR training classes? Then please go through the below reasons that specifies the importance of spending a few hours learning the CPR skills and get certified!

1. To Perform a Helpful Life Saving Act:

By getting trained in professional CPR skills, you will be able to deliver a right type of lifesaving technique on the patient that will increase the patient’s chance of survival. The biggest benefits of getting CPR certified gives you the ability to save lives, in case when sudden cardiac arrest situation arises. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), a sudden cardiac arrest is considered to be the leading cause of deaths in adults. An individual’s ability to deliver CPR to the patients (who in a sudden cardiac arrest situation) can make the difference between life and death.

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2. Be Prepared Always to Assist:

Whether it is your workplace, school, home or street, you may never know when someone may need the lifesaving CPR skills. By properly trained with right CPR skills, you can be always prepared to assist in an emergency situation. With proper CPR skills, you will be always capable to deliver a prompt life saving assistance.

3. Boost your Career Prospects:

Being certified in CPR will give you the benefit of boosting your career prospects. There are many jobs like healthcare, construction, education and more, which requires applicants and employees to be CPR certified. These days, more and more employers are discovering the benefits of hiring candidates having an additional advantage of CPR training. In this present scenario, it is found that many young people are seeking CPR training to be prepared for summer jobs like lifeguard, camp counseling and babysitting.

4. Get a Peace of Mind:

Being trained with right CPR skills will boost your confidence level. When with your family or friends, you can enjoy a peace of mind by knowing that they are safe. With a CPR training, you will get the ability to save life and to become a responsible parent.

A formal CPR training will give you the power to help someone who is in an emergency situation by acting quickly and efficiently.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Lecture

You can get a formal and authorized CPR certification online from CPR Professor, which will prove to be a convenient way to learn a life saving skill. We offer world class safety certification courses and aims to provide students a low-stress educational environment.

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Use CPR During Cardiac Arrest To Aid in Saving Someone’s Life

Cardiac arrest is nothing but the ultimate 911 emergency. During this period of time, the heart stops the blood circulation inside the body and brain, either by beating so fast or stopping the heart beat altogether. In fact, without abundant oxygen supply, the brain cells start to die! Death occurs in minutes, unless the bystanders take the matters into their hands and start Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

Doing CPR immediately can make the blood circulate at a steady pace, until the professionally trained and better-equipped responders arrive on the scene to keep the heart back into a stable rhythm.

New and Latest Evidence Backs Better Survival Rates with CPR

In an ideal scenario, a bystander

  1. Witnesses an individual with a cardiac arrest
  2. Calls 911
  3. Starts the CPR process immediately and continues doing it until another person can use an automated external defibrillator (AED)to shock the heart back to the normal rhythm.

AEDs arenothing but the portable devicesthat offers a quick electrical shock to the heart to get it restored to a normal rythm. They’re commonly available in public places like shopping malls. Unluckily, they are often left unused in their cabinets, when if there’s a real emergency. But the overall message for the people is that when they find a patient suffering from a cardiac arrest on the street should recognize and respond to it quickly to save lives.

It’s Totally In Your Hands

If you are ready to help someone who is having a cardiac arrest, then you should watch out two words like ‘recognize’ and ‘respond’.


Many people don’t have any idea on cardiac arrest, a heart attack or any fainting spell. A person in cardiac arrest doesn’t breathe, doesn’t have a pulse and can’t respond to you. But someone having a heart attack is usually conscious, breathing and has a pulse as well as can answer your questions.


Here’s what you need to do when you witness someone in a cardiac arrest:

  • Contact 911 right away or have someone else do it. Making a call to 911 means emergency medical responders are on their way to reach you.
  • Start chest compressions with your hands only.
  1. Keep your hand over the other and place them on the breastbone of person, in the middle part of his or her chest.
  2. Press hard enough to make the chest move inward about 2 inches in depth on adult
  3. Relax and repeat the process. Do this for 100 times in a minute.
  • Keep doing the CPR until someone arrives with an AED, either a bystander who has got it from the nearby business or building or a first responder.

Remember, mouth-to-mouth breathing isn’t necessary if you are doing CPR on a person in cardiac arrest. That’s due to the fact that the blood of the individual has enough amount of stored oxygen in order to keep him or her going for a while.

It’s Time To Get Trained

Many organizations offer CPR, AED and BLS training programs. The notable one among them is CPR Processor. As a reputable resource, it has been providing quality educational practices through online. So you should make a small investment of time and effort to learn CPR with CPR certification courses of CPR Processor. No doubt, their CPR online courses can offer a huge potential payoff by saving a precious life. So make your CPR certification online and respond to a life-threatening at a quick pace and confidence.

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