AED Certification: Serving Humanity with Your New Skills

Whenever a cardiac attack happens, the heart may fail to pump blood to other parts of the body. If a victim doesn’t get help on time, brain damage is usually the result. Perhaps, you were once in a situation in which you couldn’t render help for a cardiac attack victim. You can take up AED Certification Online to better your chances of lending a helping hand in the future. After all, AED Certification can teach you the necessary steps for keeping cardiac attack victims alive. This way, you don’t become an onlooker when a cardiac attack victim is at the point of death.

Ideally, you don’t have to be a novice in the area of the AED application. Perhaps, you want to learn its application solely for responding to emergencies. AED and CPR Certification is the right way to go. On this account, here are some of the beneficial highlights of getting knowledge through AED Training.

1.Convenient Learning Experience

Sometimes, the thought of attending AED Certification classes can be discouraging, especially when you are very busy. The fact is that you will have a hard time devoting the required hours to classes. After all, there are possibilities that some situations may force you to miss a class. However, AED Certification Online allows you to bypass the necessary routines of a physical class. The fact is that virtual learning helps you garner knowledge at your time and pace. This way, you can have a clear understanding of the AED application. Moreover, you rest assured of not missing a step in the course of using AED to revive a victim.

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2.Community Service

On countless occasions, a lot of people have escaped death from heart-related illnesses through first aid. Perhaps, you want to become a valuable individual to your community. You can walk through the process of obtaining AED and CPR Certification. This way, you can jump into action when you keep cardiac attack patients alive. After all, your knowledge about this subject can make you’re a prestigious figure in your community. The reason is that you can render invaluable services to people through your newly acquired skills.

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3.Employment Considerations

Job applicants with AED Certification Online tend to become preferred candidates for job openings. The reason is that employers know the value of these certified individuals in a busy business environment. Therefore, having this certification can make you the right candidate for jobs you’ll love to have.

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Finally, you can learn vital first aid tips that can keep victims of cardiac attack from dying. Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to invest your time and resources on AED Certification. This way, you rest assured of averting incidences that can become irreversible. On this account, you shouldn’t hesitate to call in today for more inquiries.

Get Equipped with CPR Knowledge and Save Lives in Emergencies

What is CPR?

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation also commonly known as CPR is a technique which can save lives during various emergency situations like a sudden cardiac arrest, or drown where breathing starts deteriorating or we can say nearly stops!

Why is it important?

Using this technique one can restart someone’s breathing or heart using manual chest compressions and pushing air through the mouth to the lungs of the person known as mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Who can perform CPR?

Most of us believe that CPR can only be done by paramedical staffs or trained professionals, but the reality is anyone can perform this technique by learning its basics.

CPR Certification OnlineWhy learn CPR?

You can save lives of your loved one in case of cardiac arrests. According to surveys, 80% of cardiac arrests occur to people when they are at home. Hence, if you learn CPR, you can make your loved ones survive until medical help arrives.

Secondly, learning CPR is easy and you don’t have to be a genius or get into a medical college for learning! You can simply go for Online CPR Certification which saves your time as well as makes you learn efficiently.

Calling 911 as soon as possible in emergency cases like brain strokes is always recommended, but getting the services instantaneously cannot be guaranteed! Hence, if you are equipped with the knowledge of CPR you can save someone’s life by minimizing the damage to the brain!

So get yourself prepared with the knowledge of CPR and feel confident at the time of critical situations and save a life!


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How Do Online CPR Certification Help Sudden Cardiac Arrest Victims?

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is a state in which the heart of a victim suddenly and unexpectedly stops beating. As a result of which, blood stops flowing to the brain and other essential organs. In addition to, if the heartbeat is not restored immediately, death follows within a few minutes. Sudden cardiac arrest accounts for more than 382,000 deaths in the United States every year. Therefore, CPR and AED use through a bystander are necessary to survival of SCA victims. Thus, getting online CPR certification training is crucial, not only for medical professionals, but for everyone.

Common Symptoms of SCA (Sudden Cardiac Arrest):

There are so many symptoms of sudden cardiac arrest, like:

  • Weakness

  • Dizziness

  • Unconsciousness

  • Chest Pain

  • Lack of breathing

  • Unresponsiveness

  • No pulse

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Victims

Survival from Sudden Cardiac Arrest:

Treating victims with sudden cardiac arrest is necessary. In this condition, the victim’s heart twitches in an irregular way, stopping flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body. Please keep in mind that, cardiac arrest is fatal unless medical intervention is provided immediately. However, each and every minute that passes between symptoms and intervention increases the chances of victim’s death by up to 10%.

However, to save a victim suffering from sudden cardiac arrest, you should following five steps:

1. Immediate identification and call 911.

2. Perform CPR with much focus on chest compression and continue the professional until medics arrive.

3. Quick defibrillation with AED to restore normal heartbeat within a few minutes of the symptoms.

4. Advanced life support administered by professionally trained medics.

5. Post cardiac arrest care administered in a hospital setting.

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Why Should You Get CPR Certification Online:

Cardiac arrest is quite common and it can happen to anyone at any point of time. Moreover, taking CPR certification allows you use Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation including chest compression that helps blood move from the heart to the brain and internal organs and also mouth-to-mouth ventilation to provide the victim with oxygen. If CPR is provided immediately and effectively by a bystander during the sudden cardiac arrest can double or triple the victim’s chance of survival. For this reason, CPR online certification course is extremely essential that can save the life of your near and dear ones.


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